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New 7 Wonders - Why VOTE for the Dead Sea

The world contains an abundance of varied and beautiful locations, which fascinate and excite visitors, but the Dead Sea region is unique, combining history, geography, nature, health and beauty, and has attracted visitors throughout human history.

Even in ancient times, the Dead Sea was the focus of important events: In the Bible, Abraham, the father of Isaac and Ishmael, rescued his nephew, Lot, from Sodom and Gomorrah, minutes before the wicked cities were demolished by divine punishment; King David fled from the wrath of Saul to the Dead Sea region, and the heroic tale of Masada took place by the Dead Sea.

In addition, the Dead Sea region was the abode of the Essenes, whose writings, the Dead Sea Scrolls, excited the world (and were a source for the Indiana Jones movies); the Tribes of Israel crossed the Jordan River near the Dead Sea, and Jesus was baptized in the Jordan by John the Baptist.

Seven reasons to vote for the Dead Sea:


The lowest place on earth

The Dead Sea is located in the Syrian-African Rift on the border between Israel and Jordan, 423 meters below sea level. Due to its uniquely low altitude, which increases the distance taken by sunbeams before they touch the human skin, healthy solar energy is created, with positive and healing qualities that help in the healing of various skin diseases, such as psoriasis.


The saltiest lake in the world

The Dead Sea has a salt concentration of 33.7%, and is the second-most salty water source in the world. Due to the high saline levels, a variety of salts can be produced and marketed to meet global demand, serving as the basis for the existence of many industries in a variety of fields (from foodstuffs to microchips and cellular phones).


Unique mud with medical and cosmetic characteristics.

At the Dead Sea you can frequently see people coating their bodies with mud! The natural mud excavated from the shores of the Dead Sea is rich in minerals and salts, and has well-known medicinal characteristics. Dead Sea mud is used both for medical treatments of skin diseases and for cosmetic treatments, and is sold throughout the world.


Clear, rich air.

The air at the Dead Sea has 6% more oxygen than anywhere else in the world, and also contains bromide and magnesium. In addition, the air at the Dead Sea is very dry, and serves as a helpful medical factor for people suffering from lung diseases. Groups of patients from around the world come to the region every year, in order to breathe the unique air and enjoy its health-giving qualities.


A winning combination of history and nature

First-time visitors to the Dead Sea region are thrilled by the lowest lake in the world, surrounded by ancient ruins, mountains colored in the light of the sun, and pillars of salt giving the place an unearthly, celestial appearance. This beauty is studded with desert springs emerging from the shaded wadis, creating a unique landscape of pools and waterfalls, and providing mineral water for the entire region.


Floating effortlessly

The Dead Sea's high salt concentration allows anyone bathing in the water to float effortlessly. This escape from gravity allows visitors to cut themselves off from their day-to-day lives, and connect to the natural world surrounding the lake. In addition, floating naturally in the Dead Sea provides hydrotherapy treatment without requiring any technical aids.


The World's largest natural spa

Visitors to the Dead Sea enjoy a luxurious, natural and varied spa, containing all the attractions the Dead Sea has to offer:
  • Three types of water: Dead Sea water, thermo-mineral water, and mineral water for drinking.
  • Twenty-four different minerals that are found in the water (including sulfur) are beneficial to the human body.
  • A large number of heated sea water pools along the Dead Sea are available for hydrotherapy sessions.
  • Natural mud excavated along the Dead Sea beaches is rich in minerals and salts, and has special medical and cosmetic qualities.
  • The unique sunlight has healing qualities for various skin diseases.
  • High-oxygen air relaxes the nervous system.
In addition, the Dead Sea is surrounded by a large number of spas, providing treatments based on the natural materials found in the Sea and providing their visitors with treatments based on materials provided by Mother Nature.

How do you vote for the Dead Sea?

Voting is simple. All you have to do is enter the competition site and vote, or send the words "Dead Sea" via a text message to 2244. (Text messaging is only possible in Israel.)

Want to know more on how to vote? Click here.

The Dead Sea is a candidate shared by Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority. The Dead Sea has reached the third stage of the campaign and is among the 28 finalists.

You can read more about the Dead Sea region and vote for it on the campaign site.


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